I help high-achievers tap into a limitless future, fueled by a mind / body / heart connection.



Tap into dreams, ideas, and a power you never knew existed—and take the steps toward your highest potential for achievement. 


Find strength, focus, and clarity while banishing internalized fears, limiting beliefs, and negative thought patterns.


Trust your intuition, harness your joy, experience radical self-forgiveness, and feel whole—no matter where you are in your journey. 

“Marie is a woman of many gifts. Her strong, confident presence made me feel protected immediately and her soft, loving energy made me feel instantly cared for.

In a one on one session, I was able to Journey deeply and access areas that dozens of previous ceremonies hadn’t shown me.”

Brandon Evans

Chief Elevation Officer & Co-founder of

The Dream feels hollow. 

Identifying the Desire

Within You

You’ve checked all the boxes, made the money, and have reached the destination that was The Dream. But The Dream feels hollow. The guilt of being unhappy when you’re surrounded by abundance can be heavy.   

You’re not alone. Your persona and experiences are unique, but these feelings are not. The plague of disconnection, mental fog, and a desire for guidance is ancient and important. That desire is the spark inside of you. 

After giving everything to my career, I recognized this ache. For 15 years I worked as a medical doctor, an anesthesiologist with all the trappings of success—and all the baggage that goes with it. 

The ache inside me was undeniable and unsatisfied. So I found a new path. I made changes that would bring my mind and body into harmony, and that would awaken me to a bold new reality. I found the answers I was looking for. 

Are you ready to find your answers?

Finding the


What if your outside success could match an internal vitality?  The Dream can change. It can expand. It can grow and flourish and become the source of joy and understanding. 

I’ve created a method of consciousness coaching that can foster incredible transformation and lead to more creativity, stamina, success, and wellness. The magic of these tools is simple. You are capable of something greater; I will teach you how to make it a reality. 

With 1:1 coaching, mastermind groups, and on-demand courses, there’s always a path of access for you. 

I’m here to guide you to your true potential. The magic you need is within your grasp if you’re ready to work for it. 

You are capable of  something greater.
I will teach you how  to make it a reality. 



On-Demand Training

On-demand intensive, mind-opening courses help you start where you’re at. 

These online masterclasses will start you on a path toward self-mastery and conscious living so you can begin your journey of healing and self-connection, enabling you to find greater fulfilment, joy, and peace.

Group Mentoring

Gain access to me as your guide to a better life with biweekly calls and live Q&A. 

This Mastermind group meets every other week, teaching you how to move forward on your journey and giving you the opportunity to ask your questions and connect with a curated group of like-minded business owners, creators, executives, and high achievers. 

One-on-One Mentoring

When you’re ready to make big changes for greater success, one-on-one mentoring offers you the opportunity of a dedicated life coach and guide. 

You’ll accelerate your progress and avoid the distractions with a true VIP experience designed to help you get clear on your holistic vision and the steps needed to achieve it.

“I have been blessed to experience a profound spiritual journey facilitated by Dr. Marie! She is a powerful healer. Her maternal frequency and loving intention and nurturing allowed me to explore emotions that are typically difficult to access… I was able to unravel dense layers, opening my heart. As a result of this truly magical journey, I have been able to open my heart, and be open to love.  Dr. Marie is potent, transformative and so necessary in the world! Thank you!”  

Keith Ferrazzi

NYT Bestselling author and entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight.


Head + Heart Center



I want to get to know your status-quo. Where you’ve come from is so important to your journey forward. We’ll talk about your current life and aspirations to explore what’s blocking you from progression so we can determine what you need to move forward. 



No matter how you engage, you’ll be able to access the power of mentorship to help you establish and strengthen your mind, body, and heart connection so you can progress to the next level of consciousness and achievement. 



After being guided through this process, you will have a better understanding of who you are and will be able to connect with your future self to manifest the life you desire. Your future self already has the abundance you are seeking. Now, your path forward will be made clear. 


MEDITATION FOR SuperPerformance

Did you know that meditation can have effects on everything from the way you set and achieve goals to the quality of your sex life?

In this 4-part series, Marie will explain the powerful force of mindfulness meditation. Learn more about the science behind it’s effects on the brain, the tools and skills you can harness using meditation, and experience guided meditation for yourself.

Ready to tap into your superperformer through the power of meditation? Sign up for this free course and begin your journey.



Dr. Marie Mbouni, M.D., is an expert in both western and eastern medicine. She offers transformational experiences for change makers, leaders, and achievers who crave a chance to step into their wholeness, power, and purpose. 

Through online and in-person coaching, speaking, and holistic retreats, she guides those looking for a higher purpose at all stages of their development.