5 Ninja Skills – That Can Uplevel Your Meditation Practice.

I love ninjas and the art of Ninjitsu.

When you think about ninjas, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a figure in a black bodysuit jumping across rooftops and swinging a sword. In reality, ninjas have to be philosophers as well as warriors. It’s that quieter side that can come in useful even if you don’t engage in combat and espionage.

For example, many ninja skills can help you to meditate more effectively. Take a look at these 5 things you would learn about in ninja school.


Know yourself. 

Meditation and Ninjutsu both begin with looking inward. Set aside time to sit down and clear away distractions. Focus on your breath and find out what you’re really like.

Understand your purpose. 

Examine your life. What is your mission? Do you know your purpose? What would you want your legacy to be? Do you have a daily schedule?

 Think about how different your daily schedule would look if you devoted more time to your top priorities.

Leverage your strengths. 

Figure out what you’re good at. How can you adjust your professional and personal life to take advantage of your unique gifts?

Learn from experience. 

Some new students are surprised when they discover that instructions about meditation or Ninjutsu are sometimes vague. The point is that spiritual attainments come with effort as you develop your own insights.


Accept change. 

Just like ninjas assume another identity to infiltrate an enemy camp, you can become more comfortable with seeing yourself from a different angle. What happens as you age or take on new roles and responsibilities?

Shift your perspective.

 Putting yourself in someone else’s position is the kind of acting that can enhance your relationships. Contemplate how you could resolve a conflict by seeing it from your friend’s point of view.


Appreciate silence. 

Being quiet is good for sneak attacks and meditation. Create a space in your home where you can get away from phones and televisions.

Develop suppleness. 

You can sit down to meditate for longer periods when you’re flexible and agile. Many practitioners also believe that removing physical stiffness helps your thoughts to flow more easily too. Take a stretching class or work out at home.


Set goals. 

You’ll accomplish more when you identify goals and take specific steps to achieve them. Use your meditation sessions to evaluate areas of your life where you want to make specific changes.

Practice deliberately. 

Plan out your actions in advance. Focus on tasks that are a little outside of your comfort zone so you’ll continue to learn and grow.

Master timing. 

Success is often about knowing when to slow down and when to speed up. Take time to sort out major decisions or process a situation before you criticize others. Act quickly when you spot a promising opportunity or need to repair a mistake.

Be innovative

Think creatively. Listen to unusual ideas with an open mind and experiment with what works for you.


Know when to quit. 

While perseverance usually pays off when you’re moving in a constructive direction, sometimes you need to cut your losses. A ninja knows when to retreat. Use meditation to recognize and let go of patterns that are holding you back.

Enjoy nature. 

Ninjas often use natural forces to their advantage. You may have trouble turning yourself into a tree, but you can boost your energy levels by heading outdoors to meditate or eat lunch.

Monks aren’t the only ones who know about the power of meditation. Training like a ninja can also help you to develop greater mental strength and wisdom.

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