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Step into who you were always meant to be. Unlock the secrets to find clarity and optimize success. 

“I truly believe that Marie possesses the spiritual gift of healing … What sets her apart is that she has the power to heal the mind and the spirit as well as the body. I am eternally grateful for our encounter.”




No more sacrificing what you truly desire.


No more postponing your happiness.


No more settling for good enough.

The Wrong Approach to Success…

Do you believe the only way to find your greatest potential is to work harder than everyone around you? Or maybe that sacrificing your time, your relationships, your hobbies, even your health and happiness is noble in the pursuit of your dream life?

The belief that endurance and toil are the only ways to achieve your dreams is a lie. This is the dark side of the American Dream—a lie that I myself bought into for much too long. 

You can have that dream life NOW. You can enjoy the fruits of your labors NOW. You can experience success and have an incredible impact on the world, all while keeping your soul intact. In fact, your soul can thrive. 

I’ve created courses that will open the door to change and abundance, and give you access to tools that will expand your life, at your pace. I’ve written the guidebooks I wish I had had on my own journey to self-awareness. I can’t wait to help you become who you truly are and manifest the life you deserve.  



Take the reins of your life and uncover a path less taken but filled with opportunity, adventure, and abundance. Each of my on-demand online courses is specifically designed to help you begin to unlock the potential within yourself. 

Ignite Your SuperCreator

Immersive, exciting, and soul stirring, my 8-week, on-demand SuperCreator program gives you a weekly video lesson and assignment to start you on the path toward healing, greater intuition, and self-connection.

The Secret Power of Self-Love

A powerful 30-day online course that unlocks your ability to accept your own worthiness. Move past regrets, guilt, and trauma and step into the mind-body-heart connection you were destined for.

IGNITE YOUR SuperCreator

This 8-week course starts you on a journey inward. I will help you begin discovering what’s holding you back so you can accelerate your progress forward and awaken the SuperCreator within yourself. 

The course gives you access to on-demand, video training with 8 targeted weekly challenges that teach you how to do the internal work needed to start toward life fulfillment at its very highest. 

Now is the time to change. Begin to awaken the SuperCreator inside yourself. 

Training includes:

  • The Best Day Ever Blueprint, which helps you remember your greatness so you can go for what you want with greater confidence. 
  • Powerful self-activation techniques to help you pinpoint your desires and move forward with greater momentum. 
  • Deep meditations to help you connect with yourself and open up to something greater.
  • Mind-shifting tools that help you find greater self-awareness and banish self doubt.

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“What you seek is seeking you.”

– Rumi

Just 30 days stand between you and radical self-forgiveness, soul restoration, and intrinsic worth. 

Learn how to develop a daily practice and lifelong commitment to self-love, self-care, and self-compassion. By cultivating this love and nurturing inside yourself, you will free yourself from constantly seeking this validation from others. Instead, you will find joy in the grounded confidence that you are whole, entering relationships with others from a place of fulfillment and abundance of love.

This month-long course gives you daily prompts, tasks, and challenges to help you begin rewiring the way you think about yourself and how you interact with the world at large. 

Free yourself from trauma and envelope yourself in the light that comes from deep within a well-loved soul. 

Training includes:

  • The Ancient Secret of Self-Love eBook, your guidebook and syllabus to the program.
  • Daily affirmations to ground yourself in the now and help you move forward on your journey. 
  • Monitoring tools that empower self-assessment and honesty with where you are on your journey. 

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“Her presence and loving, guiding energy helped me with a profound awakening. I’m immensely grateful. “

Jen Mavros

Podcaster & Spiritual Messenger

T”hrough her powerful voice and intentional, meditative journeys she was able to bring me back to a place within myself to reveal the answers in my heart. To rediscover my own truth. “

Rochelle Fox

Designer & Artist

 “She is motivated by unconditional love, which provides the alchemical container for true transformation… that is, if you’re willing to surrender to it.”




MEDITATION FOR SuperPerformance

Did you know that meditation can have effects on everything from the way you set and achieve goals to the quality of your sex life?

In this 4-part series, Marie will explain the powerful force of mindfulness meditation. Learn more about the science behind it’s effects on the brain, the tools and skills you can harness using meditation, and experience guided meditation for yourself.

Ready to tap into your superperformer through the power of meditation? Sign up for this free course and begin your journey.