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MARIE'S Awakening

As a child in Cameroon, Africa, I felt a call toward healing. I always felt a pull toward connection, higher learning, and relating to people on a deep level. 

My journey began with western medicine. After grueling years in medical school, I became an anesthesiologist, hoping to bring the peace and healing I felt called to bring. My drive for work was relentless, and I built a career many would be proud of—but inside I felt dead. I had given up personal relationships and my spiritual health, and my mind and body were paying for it. 

My quest for self-discovery saved me. I embraced a new calling as a shaman, energy healer, and mentor to others seeking a similar path to enlightenment. I had a deep scientific understanding of what it meant to be human. I’ve studied and cared for the body for over 20 years. But opening myself to the power of the mind, the beauty of intuition, and the all-encompassing power of love changed me. I stepped into my destiny as a healer and embraced my potential beyond the confines of the mainstream. 

My gifts are nothing without sharing. This is how I spread goodness in the world. I’m here to help you live your life amplified. You can achieve in business without breaking your spirit. You can feed connection in your personal relationships without draining your personal resources. You can bring change to the world. And we can do it together. 



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MEDITATION FOR SuperPerformance

Did you know that meditation can have effects on everything from the way you set and achieve goals to the quality of your sex life?

In this 4-part series, Marie will explain the powerful force of mindfulness meditation. Learn more about the science behind it’s effects on the brain, the tools and skills you can harness using meditation, and experience guided meditation for yourself.

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Inside of You

Maybe you’ve been promised a transformational experience before. But then the life coaches, seminars, and self-help gurus you’ve interacted with came and went with no lasting change to be seen. 

As a consciousness coach and shaman, I will guide you through experiential therapies such as energy healing, shamanic breath work, plant medicine journeys, and many others to foster your heart opening and help you embrace your true self.  

Discovering radical self-love, self-acceptance, and unlocking the flow between your heart and mind is the true path to fulfillment, joy, and purpose. The truth is, all that potential is already inside of you. You just need to awaken it.