The Secret is not a Secret, Just Stop!! GOALS Don’t WORK

We’ve been searching for the meaning of life and the secrets of manifestation for thousands of years. Mystics have some of the secret teachings, quantum physicists have some answers, pragmatics also have their point of view about this topic and so on. 

I am here to tell you that the secret is not a secret.

How would you like to be a part of a group of people who get access to principles known only to enlightened mystics and those who spend their life studying the laws of the universe and quantum physics?

Before the COVID 19 pandemic, people lived with certainty, they followed society’s directions and rules. They thought things SHOULD be done a certain way, tangible goals were supposed to generate tangible results. 

All that was disrupted. Everything has changed. The workspace looks different, values have shifted, Productivity now looks and feels different, Many are lost. Many have let go of their dreams.

This article is an invitation, a Journey where you get to design new ways of being and  new ways of creating, using intentionality paired with curiosity and the knowingness that ALL possibilities exist in the quantum field. The time is now to tap into that field of limitless potential.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself

  • Do you feel like you have lost your creativity?
  • Have you lost all passion for your life and exist in survival mode?
  • Do you find yourself not taking action on the things that you know you want to take action on?
  • Are there things that you want to do and you know you should do but for whatever crazy reason, you don’t?
  • Are you succeeding in your business, but exhausted by the number of hours you have to put in to make it happen? Spending your time alone or feeling lonely when you are with other people?
  • Do you feel like you don’t know anymore what the value of your life truly is, and that the sacred gifts of your essence are trapped within you?
  • If you answered yes to any of those questions, I have created this comprehensive blueprint for you.
  • I have included a meditation at the end to raise your frequency and supercharge your manifesting. 





1) Properly Setting Intentions is the very first step


In order to powerfully set the foundation of what you want to manifest in your life

You will  need to dive in deep within and ask yourself some powerful questions. 

Getting clear about the WHY you want things is crucial. Because that WHY is going to be the drive that keeps you moving forward.

If your WHY is corrupted it will be very difficult to see fast results. For instance… if you intend to manifest a Ferrari so that you can drive to your ex’s house to show him or her that you are better off without them, while still wanting to be with them deep inside of you, then you are not dreaming up a better life for yourself from a place of balance. Obviously it’s coming from a place of revenge and shallowness. – And of course if you notice similar thoughts, it is a call from your heart and your soul to heal.

As you set your intentions, you will know that they are pure if you can wish the same thing for other people or humanity.



Think about this like placing an order. When people order food they are very specific, “ I want a veggie burger, with no bun, lettuce wrapped, no mayo, dressing on the side, glass bottled water, no ice, a side of edamame to start and two plates”.

This is exactly how you want your intentions to be detailed in order to the results you really want. Ask without fear. Be specific. The universe loves this.

3) Write Things Down, Ask Powerful Questions


When you write down, you gain more mental clarity and refine your thinking. It is also a powerful tool to reduce overwhelm.

Thinking about all the things you need to do causes overwhelm and can lead to sabotage or cause you to be unproductive.

When you write things down, it sends a signal to your brain and your subconscious that those things are important to you, this brings attention and more focus action.

As you write things down, you also need to ask powerful questions

Is this the only way it can create or manifest?

Is this the best I can do?

Can it be bigger, easier, graceful?


4) Clarity


What do you really really really want?

What would you do if you knew that you could not fail?

I used to not ask for what I want because deep down, I believed that it was impossible, or that it would never happen.

Clarity begins with self awareness, where are you in your life right now? What is the real truth about your current situation?

For example, don’t just say I need money, say something, like I’m behind on my mortgage and I, am embarrassed by being late.  I have no savings for when my children go to college 

Why are you here? Do you want more time for your family? Do you want more time for you? Do you want to work on your health? Do you want to get in better shape? Do you want to repair your marriage, build real connections with  your relationship, scale your marketing, write a book, do your first real estate deal?

Clarity is all about zoning in on the areas of your life that need more ILLUMINATION. Get clear about how you want to feel more than the “stuff” you want to get. 


5) Mindset

Are you coming from a place of fear and scarcity or a place of love and abundance?

During my years of introspection and greater self awareness, I noticed that I was playing small, I only asked for what I knew I could accomplish without anyone’s help.

What I did was I started consciously creating what I call “impossible intentions”, things that I did not necessarily know HOW I would make them happen. This is when I made quantum leaps in my ability to surrender.

6) Notice your level of consciousness

The 4 levels of manifesting consciousness are  taking, achieving, giving and receiving.

Which stage are you in?

What’s going on inside of you? Are you working hard to achieve? Are you allowing yourself to receive the fruits of your labor?

What is your automatic self talk? Is it negative or positive?

Do you believe that you can achieve these intentions, deep down?

Or do you think it’s never going to happen for you anyway?

Maybe deep down you think “It” was never meant for me

Notice when resistance shows up, it usually comes from fear of change.

Resistance can also show up as doubt, confusion or low energy. 

Notice with neutrality and non judgement, and make the choice to move forward anyway.

7) Energy Frequency Vibration

Nicola Tesla was quoted saying this  “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Another world famous genius says the same thing: “Everything in life is vibration” – Albert Einstein.

After you notice your current mindset, you can shift your frequency to match your desires and dreams.

Notice your energy, how do you feel about your intentions?

Passion, raw, wild, Fluidity, joy, wonder, curiosity, presence, love, excitement

You need to raise your vibration and become a match to what you desire

Your role is to remove any energetic blocks that are getting in your way. This could be in the form of removing toxic relationships from your life, you could examine your language patterns, you could start to look after your body in a whole new way…

The idea is that you are changing your vibration through being AWARE of how to manage your energy towards your desired outcome. YOU MUST TAKE ENERGETIC ACTION.

Raise your Vibrational Frequency to match your intentions. 

8) Commitment and Actions


To live a fulfilling life requires a commitment to yourself and your outcomes. 

It also requires a great dose of self love. Self love brings worthiness. You start to believe that you deserve what you are dreaming of. With self love you start to believe that you can have it all.

You are responsible for your success.

I love Jay Shetty’s perspective on this, he says that your life and its direction are your responsibility and your privilege – your privilege! 

so what life do you want to live?  What do you want your future to look like?

Create an action plan that is realistic for you. With clearly defined steps. Micro steps are great.

You need to commit to yourself and your intentions, 100%

And then observe. Notice the life you live

Notice the actions you take day to day

Are they congruent with what you say you are committing to?

If not, immediately forgive yourself and choose again. 

Pivot, switch gears, fail fast,  do what it takes to keep moving forward or generate momentum.

9) Emotions


What are your current emotions

Here is a fact that you should know, emotions trump logic This means that when material things make your intention setting list you can FEEL good about it without just focussing on the material side of things.

Power Question: How will {insert desired intention here} make you feel?

Emotions trump logic everytime! That means your heart is in the driver’s seat. 

Your heart can override the logical mind, much more easily than the mind can actually overcome the heart.

Pay attention to your emotions, learn what being YOU means.

What makes you happy

What makes you feel loved

What makes you feel wealthy

What makes you feel powerful

What makes you feel inspired

What makes you feel creative?

Bring these vibrations in your body


10) Motivation


I have always been curious about=t motivation. It has eluded me so many times. When I was studying “the habits of ferocity” with Steven Kotler, I got to learn a lot about motivation. Here is the truth, When someone lacks motivation to do something, the majority of people perceive it as just an excuse. Society often automatically ties having a lack of motivation to do something with just being purely lazy. The key here is to shift From external motivation To unlimited motivation

What Is External Motivation? It’s the type of motivation that is based on experiences.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is the drive that comes from within. When you motivate yourself to do something and want to achieve a purpose for your own benefit because you know that it’s going to be productive, you’re using intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation is the drive that’s generated by external circumstances and factors. When you are motivated to do something in order to gain external rewards (raises, appreciation, acceptance, not getting fired, etc.), you are using the so-called “extrinsic motivation”.

Achievement Motivation

When people want to prove to themselves that they can do what they set out to do.

Incentive Motivation

It’s the type of motivation that’s immediately present when something is at stake.

Growth Motivation

It represents the drive to grow as an individual, both personally and professionally. As human beings, we’re born with this drive. 

Fear Motivation

Fear motivation arises when you’re trying to avoid pain, damage, and negative consequences. It can also manifest when you are afraid of someone or something.

Power & Abundance Motivation

Some people (not many) are motivated by power, status, and abundance. These are the individuals who are constantly trying to extend their influence, power, and financial resources for the sake of it.

“Unlimited Motivation Is The Key To High Performance”

The top performers of the world have something in common: they’re resilient and deeply committed. Where others throw in the towel, they’re ready for the next round. One of the keys to peak performance is stacking motivation. When we can stack our motivational drives, we help build momentum into the work we’re doing. ~ Steven Kotler. 

Spend time diving into yourself to excavate the different types of motivations you can stack to have rock solid commitment. 


11) Your Level of consciousness


People create or manifest from different levels of consciousness, this can determine results and ease with which you create and manifest. You need to know where you are, with neutrality and non judgement.


Egocentric consciousness

When your  focus is  on your own needs and you don’t care about other people. 

Ethnocentric consciousness

Here, you care about your family, community, friends, country, people like you. You have no interest in anything outside of this box. You realize that if you want to evolve, you have to give. 

World-centric consciousness

This is where you care about people on a global level. As you evolve to this level, Other factors influence your actions and your choices,  the environment, non cruelty, green practices, sacred reciprocity to name a few. 

Here you can start noticing that your capacity to create and manifest starts to expand.

Spirit-centric consciousness

You care not just about human beings, but all life, plants, animals, nature. Your level of consciousness for humanity and the planet has evolved.

You become a co-creator with your soul and the universe.

Eckhart Tolle once said, “Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.  How do you know this is the experience that you need?  Because this is the experience you are having in the moment”.

After working with many clients and observing society, I realized that most people live at the egocentric and ethnocentric level.  If you stay at that level, you are massively limiting your potential  and success in life, because as you raise your level of caring, it opens up your creativity and gives you more power to dream.

Years ago when I was starting my online business, I had just quit my job as an MD and I was deep in scarcity consciousness, it was all about me. Getting out of debt, making passive income and achieving financial freedom were my top goals. Eventually, as I continued to evolve I transcended this.

I quickly realized that, as I only focused on myself, my motivation was not holding, I was working hard, wanting to “earn” it. When I embraced my soul purpose in this world, my power and motivation increased, and eventually I evolved to a world-centric place, which is where I am right now. And I am deeply grateful for this.

When you care about something larger than yourself, motivation doesn’t matter. Seth Godin, an American author and entrepreneur once said, “You have everything you need to build something far greater than yourself”.


11) Mission Inspired


Sometimes, in order to help others, we must first take a look inward.

Introspection is the first step to self-actualization.

Our life, and its direction, is our responsibility and our privilege… So we have to ask ourselves, “What life do I want to live?” Some of you may know my journey…

It began many years ago, traveling and studying from many teachers and especially myself  

For three years, I meditated four to hours a day, studied and reflected, and trained my mind to ignite personal growth and help others. That period of introspection, where I looked deep within, completely changed me… It allowed me to realize something pivotal:

It is only when we have both clarity and self-actualization that we can truly help others.

So many of us want to help others but don’t know where to start. We want to become life coaches, but feel stuck…

Or maybe like we don’t have what it takes to make a difference…

Well, that’s the beauty of life coaching. We’ve all experienced life in unique and challenging ways. It’s often those same experiences that we draw from when we help others.

12) Future Self 

You need a clear, vivid image of the YOU that will come with your creations and manifestations.

What will you be doing? With whom? Where? …

This will imprint your subconscious mind and it will find opportunities and coincidences and synchronicities to get you to where you want to go.


13) Surrender


Surrender and letting go does not mean that you’re weak or not consciously creating.

You know that life is a co-creation, with your soul and  infinite intelligence, Source or the universe.

You as a human are here to express yourself as infinite intelligence, knowing and fulfilling itself, creating your life with it.

However, at some point you need to release, let go and trust that the universe is working for you and whatever presents itself is for your best and highest good.

States of anxiety, overwhelm and sabotage will form if you do not understand this part of the process.

Your role is not to force your creations into place, it is to set a clear and consistent intention, and then allow space for the universe to assemble the parts.

In order for creation to become  manifest, you have to be willing to let go of expectations and your attachments to results.

Holding tightly to your desires will not allow them to manifest is like trying to receive with a clenched fist.

Faith and trust is the secret ingredient for creation.


Many people ask me how they can raise their vibration and frequency.

Here is a quick Meditation Visualization to raise your frequency and vibration

Use your imagination.

Honor your sensing mechanisms, if you are auditory, allow yourself to hear sounds…

Find yourself in a quiet place, focus on your breathing. In through the nose and out through the mouth, deeply and gently.

Vividly imagine and bring to heart and to mind What makes you happy?

Give it a color, and let that color bathe you, your cells, your organs, your DNA

Vividly imagine and bring to heart and to mind  What makes you feel loved

Give it a color, and let that color bathe you, your cells, your organs, your DNA

Vividly imagine and bring to heart and to mind  What makes you feel wealthy

Give it a color, and let that color bathe you, your cells, your organs, your DNA

Vividly imagine and bring to heart and to mind  What makes you feel powerful

Give it a color, and let that color bathe you, your cells, your organs, your DNA

Vividly imagine and bring to heart and to mind  What makes you feel inspired

Give it a color, and let that color bathe you, your cells, your organs, your DNA

Vividly imagine and bring to heart and to mind  What makes you feel creative?

Give it a color, and let that color bathe you, your cells, your organs, your DNA

Vividly imagine and bring to heart and to mind  Bring these vibrations in your body

Give it a color, and let that color bathe you, your cells, your organs, your DNA


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