Source Codes

An immersive container for high performing leaders, entrepreneurs and game changers who are ready to unleash their most authentic selves so they can create a more fulfilling, connected and impactful life without sacrificing their time freedom.

Welcome HomeSupercreator™

It is safe for you to put down your mask, you need not perform here.

All of you is welcome here.

The truth is….

  • \You’ve created an incredible life of wealth, success, achievement and ambition, but internally you feel isolated, frustrated, disconnected and exhausted.
  • \You’ve spent your entire life working so hard to create this life and sacrificed so much along the way that now you’re left wondering if it’s even worth it
  • \You’ve felt a loss of connection to the people, meaning and creativity in your life
  • \You feel trapped, with all the money but no time or desire to do the things that would light you up, you feel trapped in the success you’ve created that now keeps you from your primal desires
  • \Even in the most crowded rooms, you’ve always felt this deep sense of not belonging, so you isolate, wrk harder, achieve more, feeling unworthy of truly receiving support.
  • \Busy-ness has become a badge, a distraction, you know not who you are outside of your job or career, it’s like you’ve lost a part of yourself and you can feel that emptiness deep within
  • \You crave soooo deeply to feel empowered, in your body, connected to your gifts, passion, purpose, creativity and to experience LOVE in your life

“I truly believe that Marie possesses the spiritual gift of healing … What sets her apart is that she has the power to heal the mind and the spirit as well as the body. I am eternally grateful for our encounter.”



Supercreator, I see you. And you are not alone.

You need not feel shame for doing what was asked of you to survive, for not feeling alive in the life so many others would dream of but somehow still feels empty and unsatisfying

I know what you truly desire as a Super creator, man or woman…

You DREAM of freedom, the freedom to do what your heart and SOUL desire. To take the tribs, find the hobbies, go on vacations without hesitation or worry about work, the next project or other minor distractions

You CRAVE to have the TIME to truly LIVE every single day, to spend time with friends, enjoy the company of your partner, the company of family, to work out, explore life, and begin connecting to the deepest parts of yourself


You’ve felt this calling for MORE that there is something so much bigger and meaningful for you to do here. Everyday it grows louder and louder to where you can no longer ignore it, you find yourself curious about spirituality, consciousness and a deeper connection to purpose


You’re ready to experience what true HARMONY and PASSION in your relationship feels like. To have open hearted communication, to feel enlightened and invigorated to be with your lover, understanding and feeling deeply understood by one another, healing the wound, feeling safe to be vulnerable, to express, connect and finally feel like you can put your walls down because you KNOW you belong here.

You want to be PRESENT with yourself and with the people that mean the most in your life, to develop an adornment, admiration, respect and trust for yourself and others where you feel safe to be your most authentic self without any fear of judgement.


You’re ready to RECLAIM your sexual selves, to reopen your sacred hearts and access the power of your yoni as a woman and your Vajra as a man. To allow yourself to be loved, cherished and appreciated without resistance or suspicion.


You want to open your heart to love, connection, commitment and safety where you can access a more playful, powerful, and empowering power dynamic that sparks passion in your heart, and gives you access to another world of LOVE and possibility


As a woman, you desire to reclaim your feminine, enhancing your energy, your magnetism, and reconnecting to your sacred temple that is your body. You HEAL the female lineage and the relationship with women in your life whether it be the sisters, mothers or daughters. You are ready to HEAL your relationship to the masculine, to attract a different kind of partner and relationship that leaves you cracked open to wonder, magic, love, and freedom.


As a woman you desire to be fully open to receiving, to allowing it all to come to you, to be relaxed and comfortable in receiving attention and presence from the divine masculine, to TRUST and connect with men in your life and feel SAFE in partnership

As a man you desire to to feel DEEPLY NEEDED HONORED?, empowered, and capable of providing for your partner. You crave to feel SEEN to reconnect with the divine masculine in you and feel safe to express your primal desire in a healthy and embodied way.


As a man, you are ready to meet your woman PARTNER?, to be wildly present and have her THEM open to you, to fill her THEM with such radiant love and passion where you feel more whole, more in purpose and in your power than you ever have before.


You crave to feel connected to your intuition, to trust yourself as a king or queen worthy and deserving of the beautiful life and love you desire far outside just the realms of your career.


You’re ready to HEAL, to forgive yourself and others, to experience a higher level of consciousness without needing any substances, to access a new mindset where you are connected to your value, desires, and true purpose/meaning outside of work

YOU, Supercreator, are ready to Transform

If you feel your soul nodding, resonating and feeling pulled here, it is no coincidence.

This is your deepest essence, calling you HOME.

I know this calling well, because not long ago it was the calling of my own soul.

Hello beloved, you may call me Marie

“What you seek is seeking you.”

– Rumi

Like you, I spent my entire life chasing success, achievement and career. I became a doctor working at one of the most prestigious hospitals striving to achieve, do more and constantly create more more more.

From the outside world, I had it all. The home, the car, the career, the family, all the people and money I could ever possibly need. But internally my heart and soul felt empty. I felt full of rage, frustration, resentment, exhaustion completely disconnected from myself and my body.

I wondered for years if this was all there was, believing in the FACT that if I just achieved more, if I just got to the next level, then things would change. But they never did. The higher I climbed, the more lonely I felt until I could no longer ignore the calling in my heart.

I made the decision to leave my corporate career and follow the calling of my soul. In less than 2 years I’ve had the time and freedom to travel the world, speaking on stages with world renowned leaders, impacting thousands of lives, and spreading the magic of spiritual connection, healing and discovering a deeper purpose and meaning.

I’ve reconnected with my innate magic as a shamanic healer combining the power of easter and western medicines to allow my clients to truly transform and heal from the inside out and now, I’ve decided to bring these worlds together into a sacred space unlike anything I have ever created before….

This is Source Codes

A sacred space for the high impact leaders of the world who are ready to experience a more fulfilling, purposeful, and connected life with themselves and with the rest of the world.

The Supercreator is composed of 3 core pillars:

  1. Relationship to your higher self

2. Relationship to others

3. Relationship to the world & your higher purpose

Many of us have mastered one area but often find there’s a lack of fulfillment in the rest of our lives. If you are here, It is very likely you’ve fond great connection in your career, achievements, business or work


So much so it’s left you feeling empty everywhere else.


THIS is why the supercreator homecoming project was created.


When you can create massive success in your career, you are a CREATOR.


But to truly embody and become the supercreator you were born to be MEANS… You are able to create incredible success through your fullest most authentic expression with an open heart and DEEP connection.


You become UNLIMITED, SUPER conscious and begin to access a life far greater than what you’ve ever known before.

Here is how this container works:

  • EThis is an ongoing container for BOTH men and women to come for deep healing and transformation.
  • EWe require a minimum of a 3 month commitment for you to begin your transformation journey, at which point you can choose to continue going deeper into this work or take time to integrate afterwards
  • EYou will have access to WEEKLY live trainings where I will go deep into teaching, activating, and holding space for your wildest transformations
  • EYou will also have a WEEKLY group call to ask questions, receive support, wisdom and direct healing from me.
  • EEach month we will have 1 private mens circles reserved for the sacred masculine to come and experience the power of brotherhood and open themselves to a community of other men who are choosing to do the work
  • EEach month we will also hold 1 private womans circle reserved for the divine feminine where women can come together in a safe place to connect with the other women, begin opening themselves to their beauty, radiance and heart.
  • EYou will also receive access to a powerful online community where you will be able to connect with your brothers and sisters in a sacred space to be witnessed, celebrated, and held in your metamorphosis

When you decide to embark on your homecoming project you will be granted exclusive access to…

  • ELIFETIME access to the content inside of the container
  • EAn exclusive rate to add on additional private 1:1 sessions with Marie as needed to support you on your healing journey
  • EA special members pricing to continue embarking on your homecoming project for as long as your soul desires where you can continue to have access to the weekly trainings, live coaching calls and sacred circles.
  • EExclusive access to guest experts, special tools, and other resources to support you on your healing
  • EDue to the nature of this work, your journey can begin as soon as you are ready to. There is no limited start date and is open for all to enroll.

One Time Payment


  • 1 weekly mastermind/coaching call for the group held via zoom for 60-90 minutes
  • 1 weekly live training, practice, teaching held via zoom for 60-90 minutes
  • Additional pre-recorded content as needed to support the group including access to meditations, PDF’s, and other tools
  • A private FB group for the group to be connected with one another, share wins, celebrate each other, and receive support from the community
  • Bi weekly men’s group calls
  • Bi weekly women’s group calls
  • OPTIONAL ADD ON for additional 1:1 sessions with marie at the rate of $650/hour
  • Lifetime access to the content

3 Monthly Payments


  • 1 weekly mastermind/coaching call for the group held via zoom for 60-90 minutes
  • 1 weekly live training, practice, teaching held via zoom for 60-90 minutes
  • Additional pre-recorded content as needed to support the group including access to meditations, PDF’s, and other tools
  • A private FB group for the group to be connected with one another, share wins, celebrate each other, and receive support from the community
  • Bi weekly men’s group calls
  • Bi weekly women’s group calls
  • OPTIONAL ADD ON for additional 1:1 sessions with marie at the rate of $650/hour
  • Lifetime access to the content

What it includes

The Supercreator Homecoming Project was MADE for you if….

  • NYou are ready to begin or deepen into your spiritual journey, healing and transformation through the power of community, mentorship and guidance
  • NYou’ve always been interested in personal growth and development, you’ve tried self help books, and other resources but now you’re ready for REAL transformation
  • NYou crave to have a community of people who are their to support you, love you, witness you and celebrate you as you go through your most powerful shifts and healings
  • NYou’re done feeling stuck, suffering or frustrated with life and you’re ready to experience a more fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful life that truly sets your soul on fire

The Supercreator Homecoming may not be the right place for you if…

  • MYou do not value deep healing and transformation and prefer to stay stuck in your life
  • MYou refuse to do the work or take responsibility for any big changes in your life
  • MYou’re unwilling to commit yourself to your transformation and don’t enjoy being supported by a powerful group of leaders

Here is what past clients have to say about the magic of working with Marie

“Her presence and loving, guiding energy helped me with a profound awakening. I’m immensely grateful. “

Jen Mavros

Podcaster & Spiritual Messenger

T”hrough her powerful voice and intentional, meditative journeys she was able to bring me back to a place within myself to reveal the answers in my heart. To rediscover my own truth. “

Rochelle Fox

Designer & Artist

 “She is motivated by unconditional love, which provides the alchemical container for true transformation… that is, if you’re willing to surrender to it.”



I highly recommend working with Marie to make the shift you desire. Get ready to work with a true ambassador of love whose joy is contagious.”


Visionary and CEO

“Her approach is unique. She is a true Spiritual Master who can take her clients on a journey well beyond the five senses! “

Raquell Menezes

Speaker, author & coach

 “The way she has been able to connect me to my dream self has given me the knowing that I am exactly aligned with this future self.



You have encouraged me and seen my power in moments I couldn’t see it myself.You have pushed me to start offering my services as a light worker, many years ago.”

Thatja Andrade

Entrepreneur and Coach

“I felt a return to love and to my whole self. Working with her was a powerful experience, I felt safe and supported and was completely comfortable opening up.”

Neelam Verma


 “I feel so grateful for all the wisdom, love, healing, elevation, enhanced intuition, and understanding I have received from you”


CEO & Coach

Are you ready to become the Supercreator?