4 Guided Steps to Unlocking the

Power of Meditation

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Join me in a journey toward creativity and consciousness.

In this complimentary 4-part series, I share the amazing impact meditation has on the brain at both physical and metaphysical levels, and guide you through illuminating and empowering meditations.

I offer this course with love. Please join me.

Our Modern Approach Isn’t Working

Do you recognize these symptoms?

  • Inability to focus and a wandering mind
  • Brain fog or forgetfulness
  • Poor response to stress and reliance on unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • Hopelessness and negative thought patterns
  • Disconnection and suffering personal relationships

I myself experienced these symptoms in my former life as a successful anesthesiologist. When you’re living this way, it doesn’t take much to tip over the edge into extreme unhappiness or depression, no matter how successful you appear by other’s standards.

While connection is at our fingertips, more people then ever experience the above, coupled with anxiety and loneliness. When I realized this, I decided to forge a new path, one that would allow my potential as a healer to bloom and grow in life changing, and soul saving, ways.

My desire is to share what I have learned—the tools and practices that healed my soul—with you. Join me, and find healing and growth.

4 Guided Steps to Healing and Hope

Do you know what you want? What would truly make you happy, and provide fulfillment, joy, and internal peace? Few recognize that the doldrums of life don’t have to be the norm. There is a way to find your true purpose, and to achieve it.

In this free course, I’ll show you how to unlock the intentions of your heart. Explore the science of the mind-body link, the workings of the human brain, and how meditation influences your reality.

In these 4 videos I’ll show you how to unlock the SuperPerformer within and will:

  • Reveal the 7 superpowers of meditation
  • Unpack how meditation works and the science behind its power
  • Harness 5 tools for super performance
  • Open our chakras and breathe life into our mind and body
  • Practice accessible and fundamental forms of meditation

If you’re ready for an open mind, an open heart, and the restorative power and tranquility of meditation, start your pilgrimage to peace with this free course.

“Marie simple radiates love, compassion and peace in their most authentic forms.”

JO Miller

Personal Life Coach, Writer, Fearless Manifestor

“When you partner with Marie you are receiving guidance directly from the Divine.”

Whiteney Freya

“She was able to reveal the answers in my heart. To rediscover my own truth.”





From the outside a few intakes of breath, closing your eyes in a dim room, and sitting still can seem too simple to work. We can all conjure a cartoon of a monk, cross-legged and ancient, humming or chanting his way to eternal enlightenment. This image tricks you into thinking mediation is out of touch, inaccessible, and only for a “certain” type of person.

I’m here to tell you that this certain type of person is you. The overworked. The tired. The bored. The scattered. Meditation is for every person who can summon the courage to try something new. The principles are simple, but the results are wondrous.

Life is short. That, along with many other sentiments on this page, can sound like a platitude, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Many years ago, I left my hard-won, well respected, high paying job as an anesthesiologist. It had taken years and years of schooling, and garnered respect from those around me, but it was making me completely miserable. In the years since, I’ve become a shaman and a mindfulness leader—and my potential for healing others has grown exponentially. I now enjoy success, happiness, and peace. And it all started with a few intakes of breath, closing my eyes in a dim room, and sitting still.

I’d love to teach you more about the magic of meditation. Register for my free course, and we will delve into its transformation power together.



Marie Mbouni is a leading expert in mindfulness meditation, Shamanic healing, and performance coaching. Marie helps her clients reconnect and and center themselves in order to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, alignment, and joy.

A bestselling author, healer and speaker, Marie’s coaching is sought after by top entrepreneurs across the world. Her clients include New York Times Bestselling authors like Keith Ferazzi and CEO’s of 9 figure businesses. Marie’s work reflects her unique background in both Western and Eastern medicine. With 17 years’ experience as an MD in Anesthesiology and a Masters in Public Health, Marie has deep scientific knowledge of the body. She also has done robust work and training in Shamanic healing, as well as certifications in SoundColor Movement Therapy and yoga.

Marie’s insights have been featured in major media outlets including CBS and Fox. She is the author of multiple books, including the best-seller “Reclaim Your Gifts.” She is also the creator of the Conscious Creativity Method, guiding her students to access their creativity in order to achieve more powerful outcomes in their lives. Marie is passionate about giving back, and has worked with the World Health Organization to eradicate AIDS in Cameroon. She’s also an active donor and volunteer for Just Like My Child, an organization that helps save sexually abused children in Uganda. Marie is available to partner as a coach with any high-performing leader who wants to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level in order to experience lasting and holistic success.