Achieve Authentic Heart-Led


Personalized mentoring to help you ignite your SuperCreator


Achieve Authentic Heart-Led


Personalized mentoring to help you ignite your SuperCreator



Intention and Alignment

Magical things happen when you’re in alignment. Alignment brings flow, and when you feel like you’re swimming with the current even hard things feel easier. You’ll find clarity, fulfillment, and peace. With the transformative power of self-love and connection, I can show you how to align your mind, body, heart, and spirit so you can have the impact you know is your destiny.





“Marie simply radiates love, compassion and peace in their purest and most authentic forms. Utilizing her energetic toolkit, her intuitive gifts, and her deep and expansive knowledge of healing modalities, Marie has helped guide me to a level of heightened consciousness, and transformation. No two sessions are alike, and words are rarely spoken; as I feel she communicates at the soul level. As she gently peels away the layers, I am repeatedly left with a sense of ‘returning home.'”

Jo Miller

Personal Life Coach | Writer | Fearless Manifestor

The Desire Is Inside You.

Now Learn to Access It.

There is something greater inside you. You’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at, but life still feels hollow. You have not yet made the impact you know you are here to make. You know there’s more, but you’re not sure how to access it.

You need clarity. You need a path to help you connect with the version of yourself who already knows how to get to where you want to be.

Everything you need to succeed is in front of you, but you must know how to look for it. 

When you learn to live with love and connection your heart can truly lead and you will see a transformation of your inner self as your mind, body, heart, and spirit are brought into alignment. 

I’ve experienced this change in my own life. I’ve watched it happen in the lives of my clients. And I want the same for you. 


Transform your inner self through love.


Expand your ability to make an impact.


Experience the joy of self-connection.



Your growth does not have to stagnate. Your searching spirit is the key to finding lasting change. I’ll guide you through the process of releasing the past to join the present and manifest a powerful future. 

Group Mentoring

When you’re ready to start down a path toward healing, greater intuition, and self-connection my group mentoring program teaches you how to harness my SuperCreator Method. You’ll learn how to start applying these ancient principles in your modern life with weekly lessons and live coaching sessions.

One-on-One Mentoring

When you’re ready to move faster and go deeper, one-on-one mentoring gives you a personal guide on your journey to success. I will help you learn to live your best day every day—in every area of your life. I’ll help you discover what you truly want in your heart of hearts and teach you to live in a way that allows you to thrive while making an impact.


You know you were meant for more. You know that success is within you—you just don’t know how to tap into it.

Decide that enough is enough. Make today the day that you do something different, and let me show you how awaken the SuperCreator already within you so you can unlock and own your power

My group mentoring program enables you to experience live coaching and transformational connection in a 6-month or 12-month program with biweekly sessions. You’ll have access to powerful video lessons and then every other week we’ll come together for a live coaching call where I’ll guide the group through the lesson and application within your own life so you can identify what’s holding you back and then push forward.

This program will help you discover exactly how to do the internal work required to live life to its very fullest. You’ll have the guidance needed to gain deeper insights and accelerate your progress.

Now is the time to change. Trust yourself and discover how to awaken the SuperCreator inside



You already know you need to make a change, you’re just not sure how to do it. Dig into why and find the path forward with one-on-one mentoring and gain a personal guide. Think about it:

  • What if you could live your best day every day?
  • What if you could see your path to having greater impact?
  • What if you could experience greater peace and joy?

My mentoring program is all about exploring the possibilities and abundance of those “what ifs.” In either a 6-month or 12-month program we’ll walk through your journey together with biweekly sessions. 

You can also choose to add a VIP Day to your journey. During this experience we’ll spend an entire day working together on what YOU need to focus on. We’ll begin with healing to make sure you’re coming from a place of wholeness and abundance, and then we’ll walk through the 13 areas of your life to craft a complete vision that encompasses your entire being. With a comprehensive vision you’ll have greater clarity on where you’re going and what you need to focus on right now so you can make progress much faster.

Throughout the program you’ll have biweekly coaching sessions as well as access to me via WhatsApp and email to answer any questions in between sessions.

    Throughout the program you’ll have biweekly coaching sessions as well as access to me via WhatsApp and email to answer any questions in between sessions.

    You’ll also receive:

    • A custom Deep Soul Map to help you pinpoint and act on your purpose and vision.
    • Access to the Heart Leadership program to accelerate your progress and provide deeper self-connection.
    • Morning meditation to help you center yourself daily and begin on the right note.
    • Evening energy release meditation to help you let go and release each night for greater clarity and peace.
    • Access to Your Innate Genius to help you remember your greatness so you can go for what you want with greater confidence.

    VIP Add-ons:

    • A transformational painting experience to help you develop greater self-awareness
    • Plant Teachers Shamanic Ceremony for accelerated personal growth

    “Working with Marie was a beautiful, healing experience that has helped me clear the clutter and get back to my true self and to love.”

    Neelam Verma


    “Marie Mbouni is anointed. The way she has been able to connect me to my dream self has given me the knowing that I am exactly aligned with this future self. When you partner with Marie you are receiving guidance direct from the divine.”

    Whitney Freya


    “Marie’s down to earth “realness” resonates with me on so many levels, and I absolutely trust her in always following the highest good … I am so grateful to connect with her in person and online and know I can seek out her guidance whenever I may be in need.”

    Kiki Mason


    Experience Rapid Transformation 

    with the 

    Transform With THe

    SuperCreator Method

    My SuperCreator method empowers you to live life to the fullest—truly experiencing your best day every day—so you can live in joy and peace and have the impact on the world that you know is your destiny. It is a catalyst for rapid transformation that unlocks the power of ancient wisdom for modern-day visionaries, change-makers, and influencers.

    STEP 1


    When you want to fulfill the highest, truest expression of yourself, the first step is learning to see that vision.

    I can help you begin to access your highest consciousness and awaken your spiritually to reveal your full potential across all the varied areas of your being.

    STEP 2


    As you begin manifesting your vision it will heal your heart and your body and empower you to harness the creative energy of your inner alchemy.

    In this phase, I help you create a new, strong, capable platform for experiencing the world so you can break free of limitations and transform your life.

    STEP 3


    Clarity of vision and the transformation of manifestation will enable you to live your best day every day.

    I will help you embody your vision across 13 areas of life to encompass your whole being and help you find true success by empowering you to live your purpose.


    MEDITATION FOR SuperPerformance

    Did you know that meditation can have effects on everything from the way you set and achieve goals to the quality of your sex life?

    In this 4-part series, Marie will explain the powerful force of mindfulness meditation. Learn more about the science behind it’s effects on the brain, the tools and skills you can harness using meditation, and experience guided meditation for yourself.

    Ready to tap into your superperformer through the power of meditation? Sign up for this free course and begin your journey.